Bio Samrat

Content : Organic extract of Sea Weeds, Natural Amino acids (protein hydrolyzed) & Plant growth promoting agents like enzymes, Vitamins, Macro & Micro elements.

Function : Bio Samrat being a organic extracts & manure,it improves the soil condition & mobilizes nutrient to plant. It helps to increase plant roots, vegetative growth, flowering & fruiting. It improve the soil fertility.

Dose : :10 kg per acre for Vegetables & field crops 25 kg per acre for Fruit crops Apple , tomato , Sugarcane.

Recommended Crops : All field crops /Vegetables/Fruit Crops.

Compatibility : Compatible with most of all chemical fertilizers.

Apple Soil Application : 500 gm to 1kg for / Plant

Sun Dawn

Content : Organic Mannure

Description : Sundawn As food Sources, Establish, Desirable Environment for micro organisms. Stimulate Activities of soil micro organisms. Promote good soil structure formation increase, water holding capacity of soil a n d improve the aeration condition. Active Immune system & in plant to resist drought stress and increase the resistance power. Stimulate seed germination and promote root growth. Promote crop growth, yield and quality. Develope soil flora and fauna. Improve the crop yield, color, appearance and self life of yield.

Application : :Dissolve in sufficient water, kept 1 to 6 hours before application.

Soil application : 1.5 kg. / 200 Liter of water for all crops

Planto Care

Content : Organic Mannure

Description : Planto care is a unique highly enriched essential soil conditioner with contains seaweed , humic, fulvic , & micro organism bio fertilizer with coating high quality bentonite granules. Planto care developed by adopting microbial biotechnology with highly potent microbial biofertilizer organisms. These benefial microorganism produce Hormone, enzymes & supply nutrients to improve seed germination, plant growth, plant health and yield. It helps to grow plants root system and shoot system.

Recommended Crops : ASugarcane, Paddy, Cardamom, Tea, all fruits and vegetables crops .

Dose: 4 kg per acre

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